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Benefits of Zumba®

1. Zumba® Fitness is a huge calorie burn. says you can burn 800 to 1000 calories. I personally was monitored to see how many calories I burned and I burned close to 900 (889 to be exact) That is a lot of calories. Of course the calorie burn depends on your output. In a lower impact Zumba Gold® class an average person will burn a lower range of 500 calories. That is still a lot of calories!

2. The saying exercise in disguise is very true. You will work your larger and smaller muscle groups. As an instructor I work in functional squats and lunges into my choreography. Everyone wants to have a great butt and strong legs! Add in the smaller muscle groups of your arms, incorporate hip circles, target abdominal muscles for strength and agility and you have a total body workout.

3. Zumba® is addictive because it is such a blast! The hour goes by so quickly that it keeps you coming back. Zumba® is also more than a workout, it is an entire community of happy people that welcomes every new person to the group. Zumba® people are happy people!

4. You will see results! There is nothing more motivating than noticing that your clothes fit better. I’ve had participants lose close to 100 lbs doing Zumba®. I can attest to weight loss as a result of doing Zumba® with my 75 lb weight loss and the number of inches lost is simply amazing. You will love your results!

5. Zumba® is for everybody and every body! There are several flavours of Zumba® that taylor to every age group and fitness level. Zumbini® (ages 0 – 3 yrs with a caregiver), Zumba® Kids Jr (ages 4 – 7), Zumba® Kids (ages 8 – 11), Zumba® (higher cardiovascular fitness level), Zumba Gold® (beginners and the older active adult wanting a low impact workout), Zumba Toning®, Zumba Gold Toning® and Zumba Sentao® (for strength training), and Aqua Zumba (strength cardio conditioning and great for people needing to work through back, hip, arm, or knee issues.)

6. Zumba® cost less than therapy! Everyone has stressful periods in their life from work, personal illness, illness in the family, death in the family, etc. The latin and international music is infectious therefore you naturally want to move. Dancing the exotic rhythms that Zumba Fitness® offers helps with stress because your endorphins start pumping and it gives you emotional stress relief.

Come join the party® of WZ Latin Party Fitness Zumba® classes! We look forward to meeting you!

Celine Hall CEO
WZ Latin Party Fitness