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Zumba Gold® sounds like it is for the elite athlete!

It can’t be an easy task for Zumba LLC. to come up with names of new Zumba® programs that makes sense to everyone. Many people think Zumba Gold® sounds like it is for the elite athlete. Is it possible that Zumba LLC was thinking of that saying, silver in the hair, gold in the teeth, lead in the……..I digress!

Zumba Gold® is really for older active adults, people starting a fitness journey, or recovering from an injury. For example, I’ve worked with runners with knee injuries who are approved by their doctor to continue with an exercise program. Zumba Gold® is an excellent way for them to keep moving, while using low impact, modified moves (pivots and turning are minimized or removed ) so they can allow their body to recover.

Joy Proudy is the co-founder of the Zumba Gold® program. This 71 year old former Rockettes® reminds us a article, that in a low impact, low sweat class you are still burning a lot of calories. She participates and teaches a Zumba Gold® class five times a week and incorporates weight training as well. She is a true inspiration for all of us!