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Exhilarating Pool Party – Aqua Zumba®

The excitement builds as preparations for the new Aqua Zumba® session at Westshore Recreation Centre are upon us. The playlist is ready to go and I am designing and practicing the new choreography to bring the participants the best, most exhilarating pool party to the Greater Victoria area.

What is Aqua Zumba®?

Aqua Zumba® is a hybrid of many different disciplines and incorporates movements from every method of physical activity. Using Latin American and international rhythms  and dance, the moves are modified for the aquatic environment while keeping the flavor that makes Zumba® so popular.

The benefit of the Aqua Zumba® program is that it allows individuals to work out without stressing joints and back because of the decreased force of gravity. This makes Aqua Zumba® a great option for any healthy adult, people recovering from osteo-articular injuries or chronic conditions, deconditioned adults, people in cardiac post-rehab, pregnant women, obese individuals and special populations. As with any fitness program, if you have any medical conditions or new to fitness, speak with your doctor to get his/her approval to participate. In general, if you want to get fit and strong, this class is for you!

What is interesting about Aqua Zumba® is that working in the water the heart rate is 13 percent lower than on the land with similar physical energy output. What does this mean? If you are working on land for example and the activity consumes 100 calories and your heart rate is 130 beats per minute, in the water your heart rate for the same 100 calorie consumption only beats 113 beats per minute or approximately 17 beats less per minute. What this means is you can work equally as hard in the water as you do on land and your heart will not have to work as hard.

What to expect at an Aqua Zumba® Pool Party

The loud Latin and international music in an aquatic setting makes you feel like you are at a beach party. You won’t be able to help yourself from smiling, giggling, and having a such a good time. The best part about Aqua Zumba® is like land Zumba®, I will break the steps down for you. The steps repeat throughout the same sections of the song making it easy to follow. If you are self-conscious, there is nothing to worry about because no one can see you in the water. If you aren’t following exactly no one can tell because they only see your head, face, shoulders, and occasionally your arms. If you are new to moving in the water then it may take some time to get use to the Zumba® moves but don’t worry you will get it. As long as you are continuing to move and doing the best you can for your fitness level, you will gain the benefits of moving through the resistance of the water.

Aqua Zumba

What to wear

You are going to be jumping and moving rigorously through the water so you will want to wear a supportive swimsuit. I often wear a sports bra under my bathing suit or Zumbawear® when I’m in the pool to keep the girls in check. If you have a pair of water shoes you can wear them if you like. Because most people naturally go up on their tip-toes when they are in the water, you may want to wear a pair of supportive aquatic shoes to help you keep your feet planted on the pool bottom.

Bring a Water Bottle

YES, you will want to drink water before, during, and after each Aqua Zumba® class to ensure you stay hydrated. Even though the water cools your body you still perspire and will lose fluids during the vigorous Aqua Zumba® program. The water will help prevent overheating and muscle cramping.

The most important part of any Zumba® program is to bring your sense of humour, laugh, and have fun!

Until next time Zumba Fans…. Celine out!