Before I get started I would like to get the legalities out of the way so here it is. This blog is copyrighted.  If you want to use anything I’ve written, please contact me for authorization.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get started.

I am a multifaceted entrepreneur and engineer with three adult children. My youngest son has a genetic syndrome that landed him with 50 surgeries with the first being at three days old. With a sick newborn, an 18 month old, and an eight year old, the stress was enormous. Along with the stress came a 75 lb weight gain.Gone through such a stressful time in my life has given me the opportunity to learn coping mechanisms to better handle stress.

In this blog I will talk about my lifestyle change that allowed me to lose 75 lbs. I will also discuss things I’ve learned over the years raising my kids, healthy eating, and my love of Zumba Fitness® and everything Zumba®.

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