Melanie Langman - Instructor

BCRPA Group Fitness Certified

Licensed to teach:


Plain and simple.

I love teaching Zumba® because it let's me share my new found passion for dance and fitness - all while having a party! If you're worried that you're not coordinated, can't dance, or just have two left feet - it really doesn't matter! Zumba® is all about having fun while moving. There are always different levels shown (so something for everyone). Come give it a try - you really never know until you experience it for yourself!

This is coming from a girl who always hated gym, hated getting sweaty and, in general hated most forms of physical activity. Now, I'm not happy unless I'm sweaty and dancing my heart out! I go to schools and teach Zumba® to kids, helping to get them moving and experiencing something different!

My goal is to go out there and dance like no one is watching! And hopefully, inspire a few more people to do the same!

So come dance with me! Give it a never know, you might just fall in love with it!