Celine Hall BCom em - Instructor/Owner

BCRPA Group Fitness Certified

Kruger Omni Healing Specialist

Licensed to teach:


Several years ago when I mentioned to a co-worker that I was looking for a new fitness program, she coerced me into going to my first ZUMBA® class. I had so much fun! I could let my hair down, relax, and be as crazy as I wanted. There was no judgement - this was a safe place to have fun and have a playful attitude. I have been able to keep off 60 lbs since starting ZUMBA® in August 2010 and dropped an additional 15 lbs since then.

Growing up I was fortunate to be active in the performing arts as a musician. Music was always a large part of my life. Being physically active has also been important to me but it wasn't easy for me to stay motivated because I found most programs boring. In order to stay active, I incorporated dance (Ballroom, Country, Latin) into my exercise routine. Latin dance was by far my favourite because the music inspires me. ZUMBA® allows me to stay fit, feel the Latin music, and dance, making it a natural fit.

ZUMBA® adds perfect balance to my life. Over the years, I've raised my children, partnered in a dealership, completed a computer science diploma and while working full-time, achieved a BCom degree majoring in Entrepreneurial Management. I've been a ZUMBA® instructor since October 2010 and love it so much I decided to opening WZ Latin Party Fitness to share the joy that ZUMBA® brings with others. My classes are jam packed with both beginners and rock stars dancing to the exotic rhthmns that Zumba Fitness® offers. I am committed to helping people stay invigorated and motivated. No dance experience is necessary; All you need to do is show up with a sense of humour, comfy clothes, low tread shoes, water and a small towel. 

I LOVE to lead ZUMBA® classes!

Hooting, Hollering, and Laughing are common in Zumba® classes. It thrills me to see participants playing together and enjoy their new found Zumba® family!  Zumba® is more than a fitness program, you will meet amazing people who will become life-long friends. You will see the families grow when new Zumba® babies are born. We call them our Zumbini® babies.

Ditch the workout!® Come join the party® for the most fun you ever thought you could have. - Live - Love - Dance - Zumba!