Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Zumba® class cost?

Full details of all our class prices can be found under our Policies & Prices Page.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheques, Visa, Master Card, and Debit.

What do I wear to a ZUMBA® class?

Shoes Recommendations:

Your shoes should have side-to-side motion stability, cushioning, a minimal tread at the ball of the foot and the ability to let you change directions and pivot while still providing support. We want you to be safe and avoid  knee, ankle and hip injuries therefore proper shoes are very important. You will find that a running shoe has a deeper tread and less lateral support. Some people cut a portion of a sock and place the tube over the ball of the foot. This may work for you.It's important to have properly supportive footwear for a Zumba® fitness classes. If you have a hard time finding a shoe that works best for you, speak with your ZUMBA® instructor about trying on a pair of specially designed ZUMBA® shoes.

Clothing Recommendations

Wear whatever makes you happy! As long as it is not restrict your movement. Watch for pants that are too long or loose that you might trip over.  Loose clothing may get bound up when turning and twisting in a Zumba® fitness classes. People most commonly wear t-shirts, tank tops, workout pants, capris, shorts, Zumba® licensed apparel that you can purchase from your Zumba® instructor and dance clothes.

Is a Master Class only for licensed Zumba® instructors?

No, a Master class is for everybody and every bodyTM. Master classes are taught by a Group of Zumba instructors, Zumba® Jammers, or Zumba® Educational Specialists (ZES) who specialize Zumba® and partying with participants. Even if you are new to Zumba® you can join a Master class and will be welcomed and have a blast!

Is Zumba Gold® for super fit people?

Great Questions!

Zumba Gold® is tailored to the older active adult and is also for anyone either starting their fitness journey or recovering from surgery or injury, and special populations. With the focus on lower impact than a 'regular' Zumba® class, you won't be doing any jumping, turns will be slower, and the music will be at a lower volume. The instructor will provide voice and hand queuing so that you will know ahead what is coming and you will be able to follow along. This is a great class for anyone new to Zumba® as well where they want to learn the steps.

Where is the Westshore?

The Westshore is the name for the group of municipalities outside of Vicitora, BC including, Colwood, Langford, View Royal,  Metchosin and the Highlands. These municipalities were formerly known as the western communities. 

I haven't exercised for many years and want to start a fitness program. What class would you recommend?

If you are starting your fitness journey then Zumba Gold® is taylored for you. Zumba Gold® is for older active adults and people starting their fitness journey. Latin and international music are used the same as a regular Zumba® class. The focus is on low impact, slower moves, and a lower volume of music for voice and hand queuing to help you through the moves. Remember, there are no mistakes in Zumba® come join the fitness party and you will be amazed at how much fun you will have.

What can I expect when I attend an Aqua Zumba® class?

Aqua Zumba® is very similar to regular Zumba® classes, except for the very obvious, you're in the water. Similar to many pool classes, you're going to be doing lots of resistance work with the water, including cardio elements, lateral movements and jumps!  Aqua Zumba® is a pool dance party with loud Latin music playing really making you feel like you're at a beach party. Everyone is smiling, laughing, singing and having a blast. The moves are not broken down which follows the Zumba® formula. You dance along and follow the instructor, who will use physical cues and patterns within the music when changing the steps. The beauty about Zumba® is that the moves will repeat with the same portion of the song, for example the chorus, you'll always do the same movement and if you're not doing it perfectly, it doesn't matter it's Zumba, relax and have fun! Feel the music, enjoy yourself!

One of the things that makes Aqua Zumba® appealing is the fact that no one can see your dance moves. They can see your face, shoulders and head and that's all, so if you're smiling and moving the bottom half of your body, no one knows if you're doing the moves perfectly.

What should I wear?

A supportive swimsuit and if you have them supportive aqua shoes.

What should I bring?

Bring a water bottle as you will want to drink plenty of water during an aqua class. You will also want to bring a towel and sturdy aqua sport shoes if you have them.

Are Latin Dance classes included in a membership?

No, Latin Dance classes are separate fee's from Zumba®. A drop-in is $12 per person or you can purchase a month-to-month Latin Dance membership for $40 a month.